Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Diverse Group.

Last night we spent time with several individuals at a party. As I looked around the room, I could not help but think what a diverse group had gathered there. As the conversations flowed, again the same thought came to mind.

The man of the house and I spent some time talking. He has in recent months become one of our dearest and closest friends. Actually, him, his wife, three daughters and son have become just like... family.... He is the teacher for this particular group. He wanted to make sure Brother G and I, along with our family, was invited. As he and I talked, he said, "You know Camey.. It really is a diverse group but everyone likes it that way." I could not help but smile deeply in my soul. It is very clear who the Real Leader of the group is.....

While it is true that most there have been Christ followers for years, others are relatively new in their faith. There are individuals who have been married and with kids for years. There are some who are newly married. There are some who are single and have a child. Some are considered wealthy in the eyes of the world and others not so.... Some have known real heartaches. And yet, riches abounded in that home last night.

For if you look at who Christ had walking with Him.... that is what you find. A diverse group.....

How diversified is the group in which you walk? And who is the real leader that guides?

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