Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Crazy Staffers. Time Well Spent.

Last night was our church staff party. And let me just say.... we have some crazy staffers. Brother G and I are incredibly blessed to call each one brother and sister in Christ... family. You guys/gals help make ministry fun! Laughter was abundant.... as well as some darn amazing food too. You each are written on our hearts and throughout the moments... and we are beyond thankful. We love you!

I had to laugh after getting home... The guys kept telling me, "We'll see you tomorrow morning Camey." And I... in my foolishness kept saying, "No, you won't. I'm not at the desk until Thursday." Foolishness? Yep. I forgot the Wednesday meeting was in the morning... that today was going to be Wednesday. (Anyone ever have that happen to them? lol) We're able to laugh at each other and ourselves... and that makes it all the more alive and living.

Two things to know about each meeting:

1) we have a devotional time
2) we not only take prayer requests.... we actually pray. and not just for the sick.

This morning, it was my pleasure and privilege to bring the devotional. The scripture laid on my heart and mind was one that it etched on the creases of my hands and heart and lungs. It is written on the lines in my forehead... Psalm 118:8. I don't know where you take refuge.... but I know for me... it has always been better to take in the Lord than man..... any man..... no matter his degree, wealth, position.... whatever the case may be except Jesus. Only in the Lord...

After the meeting, Austin and I did some shopping. Brother G joined us for some lunch at Austin's request. The three of us had a good time fellowshipping together. And then, Austin and I were off for more shopping. How fun it was to watch him spend the money he has worked so hard to earn.... especially since most of it was spent on others... not himself.

Before heading back to the highly secure gated community, we stopped in to the bank. We spent some time with my cousin who is the manager there... Austin opened his first savings account with the bonus check he got for Christmas from the little store inside the highly secure gated community. It was just the right amount needed to open the account.. And after Austin completes an on-line course on "Smart Credit".... he will receive $25.00 from the bank. Not bad at all considering he had the day off.... lol

Time well spent all around.... Christmas!

It is more than one or two days a year.... or even for a season.

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