Saturday, July 14, 2007

People. Places. Things.

This morning when a certain friend walked back into his home, he found his little girl hiding her eyes and counting with Ms. Camey to ten. His youngest son and our younger boys were playing hide-n-seek with us. We haven't known them long and yet.... it is safe to say... with us they belong. His wife takes care of other people's children in a different sort of way and yet the same. Little children.... Jesus loves them. Even when they forget and skip straight to 10 from 5.

Her name is Teresa. We met back when my daddy and her brother were both in the same hospital. We spent several days in the waiting room area together given there were only certain times when we were allowed to go back and see them since they were in ICU then. I had the privilege of praying with their family on a couple of different occasions during that time period. I also read certain passages from the Bible as well. We realized we were all from G-town. I ran into Teresa and her hubby not long ago at Wal-Mart. We recognized each other immediately even though it had been since September since we had seen each other. Teresa had just had surgery and was in such pain.... her brother lives with them. She was sorry to hear about my daddy passing on but wasn't honestly surprised by the news. I gave her my number and we hugged. Today, I ran into Teresa, her hubby, and another friend of theirs who they have now taken in too. We were walking through the line at CiCi's together. She told me that she was glad to see me because she had been thinking about calling me. I told her that I have continued to pray for her and their family. The guy living with them turned to me and said.... "Oh, you're Camey." Her hubby said, "Yep... that's her alright." The manager at CiCi's is a bud of mine..... he made sure that they went home with more pizza than what they had purchased. When we were walking out of Wal-Greens a few minutes later.... I heard, "TERESA! There's Camey again." It was their friend staying with them. He is now my friend too.

I had $18.00 on me when we were leaving CiCi's... I made sure to leave a $2.00 tip on the table. When I went to get hubby's dry cleaning, it dawned on me.... "Do I have enough cash?" The thought of getting more money meant driving through what some people call traffic. I call it G-town's version of a single street where we used to live. But clearly most don't know how to handle it. I decided to see if I had enough first...... Sure enough $15.36 was all that was needed.

In the midst of this day the younger boys have been with me each step of the way... Their daddy has either been texting me sweet messages or on the phone giving me the last updates on where exactly they are at. In a couple of hours, hubby and Austin will be home. Funny thing is in so many ways they were never gone.

People. Places. Things. They are connected after all. Thank you God for the gifts of today.

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