Monday, July 9, 2007

While We Were Out

The younger boys and I headed into town. For those who don't know or haven't quite grasp it yet - that's a good 15 minutes away from the highly secure gated community we live in. Yes, even going 65 to 70 in parts. (that's legal)

Tonight, fast food just wasn't on our menu. We found ourselves going to a familiar place to see a certain waitress. On the main road in town, the boys and I were talking away. They came up with a new nickname for me..... The Questionater. I am so very guilty of asking questions it seems. Laughter erupted and smiles were beyond big. Before we arrived at our destination - plans for in the morning were made with the ring of my phone. Before - there had been none written on my calendar.

When we walked into the restaurant, I asked the hostess if our certain waitress was there. You see, when we go there - we sit in her section on purpose. She walked over to us and immediately smiled huge. Hugs were given. As she went to get our drink order, the three of us held hands and Parker prayed aloud. We almost always pray for our waitress or waiter thanks to a sermon hubby preached some time ago now. God really used that sermon to speak to our family directly and none of us have forgotten its lesson. We didn't even have to ask her if we could pray for her or what to pray about. The boys know her.... they love her. They are thankful that their mommy does too. When I shared with her about my new nickname, she said, "Oh, DO I EVER understand that one!" Again, laughter and riches abounded.......

As we were eating.... this boy starts walking by and cannot help but to stop and talk to us. He pointed where he and his family were seated at. We went on to talk about his life in general. Thanks to the Questionater.... certain subjects were inquired about as they always are with him. He then went on his way.

The boys and I finished up our delicious dinner, ice cream and shake. I asked them questions... They gave me answers and asked me right back. Laughter kept raising the bar on how rich we each were inside and out. Far more so than the chocolate shake could ever dream of being. We gave our hugs and our 'love yous' to our certain waitress... and the boys did a "spinach check" on their mom. Funny thing about me and Southwestern Egg rolls - I can't eat them without getting spinach in my teeth. And yes, that's partly why I order them.

As we were walking to the front door of the restaurant, we passed by the boy's table. His mother it seems is a waitress there as well. I did not know her until tonight. The boy kept looking me and smiling at me because I was asking not only his mother questions but his younger siblings some as well. And yes, I gave them my number. If you tell someone they can call you any time - it's the least you can do..... As I started to walk away from the table... he grabbed my hand and hugged me tight. A couple of other waitresses walked up and said, "Oh yeah.. We know about you. You're Camey." The boy along with my own sons said, "Yes, she is." in unison while laughing.

When we got into the van to head home, I turned on the radio as I normally do. When we were on the highway that takes us to the highly secure gated community..... a certain song came on. It was a song that always made my daddy cry no matter if it was Selah or Josh Groban singing it. It's called "You Raise Me Up".......

While we were out......... HE understood better than any of us.

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