Thursday, July 12, 2007

Frank Conversations.

Today has been one of those days. I picked up the phone this afternoon when I knew I had some time to talk and called her. No wonder she has been on my mind and heart so heavily. No wonder. Words cannot adequately describe our friendship. The depths of the bottom of the sea have been scraped more times than not. We understand each other as only someone who has walked in similar shoes can. Serious health issues can do that. Literally not knowing what to hope or expect can....

We talked about the fact that we've known each other for 7 years now. If I even began to really write what all has transpired in that time... you honestly would have to refresh the page to make sure you were still reading the same blog. Please continue to pray for Lisa. For even though I do not walk the road with her the same as I once did.... I wouldn't change one moment of time spent with her then or now. In truth..... our friendship is as deep as it is because we're not afraid - nor have been... to have frank conversations. And I know that even though she is thankful I was healed... she wonders why she is not. There are times when answers just simply aren't known to questions such as these. And yet I know.... Lisa loves God more so today than yesterday... even though she's got a 24 hour pump following through her veins for only He knows how long. These are the moments when I am thankful for His mercy and grace that even when we need to curl up in His lap... we can come to Him as we are.... children.

It is when He is carrying us that the frank conversations of life can lift us up and give hope no matter what tomorrow holds.

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