Friday, July 13, 2007

Funny How That Works Like That

So today has found me waiting for the refrigerator repair man. Our main frig has been out of service since July 4th night. When we first moved in with my folks in 2005, the decision to keep our old frig was made given the fact there was seven of us ranging in ages from a 2nd grader to 64. It quickly found its new home in the garage. MAN, are we ever thankful for that frig! At times when something can be a luxury and not a need... it has definitely fulfilled a need now.

Last Friday, I posted about our missionaries needing vans in Kentucky. I requested anyone that could be of help to contact me.... Eh..... I didn't need to be contacted because God already had all that worked out even better than we could have dreamed. More on that to come!

A couple of weeks ago I took the younger boys to the highly secure gated community club's pool. Frankly? It was one of those times when I really didn't want to go... but we did. Long/short. Today I rec'd a phone call from someone who I talked with while we were at the pool. Please pray for this family.

The last time my side of the family (read: my folks, the five of us and my brother's five) went on vacation was in the summer of 2005 to Branson. It really wasn't a vacation for numerous reasons I won't go into now. My mom and Hoover are going to Branson on a trip. I am thankful that mom didn't sell her/dad's timeshare after he passed on. She could have especially given the 2005 trip's memories. Now her and Hoover will be making new ones. The five of us are staying here and yet it will be a bit of a vacation time. Life is weird people. God is good.

The repair man is here now and is talking with my mom. It is her house after all. Remember... I said at the start that I was waiting for the repair man. She doesn't like to be left alone with a stranger in the house. I would have let the repair man come on Monday when he first called. Since this is her house.... we do most things her way. Oh lessons in life daily......

Funny how that works like that huh? How's your life funny these days?

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