Thursday, July 12, 2007

Trouble. Open Hearts.

There are individuals that come into our lives that we simply cannot help but come to immediately love. Trouble is her name. She wears it well. Of course it's not her actual name but the one given to her sometime ago now. I spent some quality time with her today. She was volunteering as she does so often to do whatever needs to be done. She had just been to the beauty shop and was wearing an even bigger smile than her hair was tall. When the younger boys and I first got there - spending time with Trouble wasn't even on my calendar for today. Am I ever so thankful for time spent with her!

She shared with me about reading Austin's devotional for the mission trip... When I told her about what has been taking place with him lately, she said, "I knew something like that was going on. Can that kid of yours write or what? What a heart!" She went on to ask about a certain special man in her life..... aka my hubby. One of the sweetest things about Trouble is her love for our family. If hubby doesn't get over to her quickly enough to give her a hug - she definitely lives up to each and every letter of Trouble. When he teaches on Wednesday nights - you can always be sure that Trouble has something to say to him or about him or in regards to what he is teaching on. We simply love our Trouble. The fact that she called hubby, "Preacher boy" today was priceless. I can't wait to tell him that one.

As I discussed in an earlier post, I've been given a new nickname by the younger boys and that certain waitress that we love... the Questionater. Funny enough? Trouble beats me every single time in the amount of questions she asks..... and how deep they are. Who knows? Maybe I am taking some of my cue from her huh? After all..... I've been told I'm trouble more often here lately than not. Of course I am young enough to be Trouble's granddaughter and I do have her first name for my middle name. I accept her without question as a grandmother figure in my life. It is a privilege to sit at her feet and listen to her years of wisdom. I may or may not always see eye to eye with Trouble. That's not the point.... Open Hearts are.....

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