Friday, July 13, 2007

Rest. Rain. Brenda.

After the repair man left, the younger boys and I headed to the highly secure gated community club's pool. It was cloudy outside and hubby had just told me via phone that we were expecting heavy rains again here. (my weatherman - lol) I told the boys I didn't know how long we would get to stay. That didn't really matter to them.....

The water was amazing. There was maybe 20 people tops. Most of them weren't in the pool. There was a lite sprinkle coming down on us. We had purchased a couple of noodles yesterday and I was just floating in the deep end. The boys were monkeying around... I offered to give Parker the noodle I was using since Travman had the other one. He swam over to me and gave me a hug (in public people) and said, "Mom, you use it and just enjoy resting in the pool."

The lifeguard keeping watch over the deep end and I kept hearing thunder. And then sure enough.... it started raining harder. The boys and I got out.... we were dripping wet from head to toe... And no, I had not gotten my head under water.. I was splashed several times and with the rain falling down - it was natural.... Man, I love that.

The boys and I got out into the van and decided we were hungry. There's a place about a half a mile from the back gate... we headed to it. Almost immediately..... we saw her..... Her name is Brenda. There was a slight drizzle coming down and no question I was going to offer her a ride again even though she did not have her thumb out signaling she wanted a ride. I stopped the van and rolled down the window... She looked up at us (read: she was walking with her head down as she usually does) and I asked her.... "Brenda, would you like a ride?" She said she was wanting to walk and thanked me as she always does. As soon as we drove on... it started raining a bit harder.

As we were driving back from Tommy's..... Brenda had not made it very far... But she was in the process of getting out her umbrella. She had indeed come prepared to walk in the rain. We've come to look for Brenda every single time we are on the highway heading to and from the back gate of the highly secure gated community. When we do not see her for a couple of days... we all wonder where she is and if she's okay.

In order to know her name, Brenda, meant getting involved in her life. And having her become a part of ours as well. I realize there are some who might say, "But Camey? You shouldn't pick up hitchhikers." Really? I shouldn't? If she were to walk into our church, having been dropped off by someone unseen & unknown, I would offer her a ride home. What is the difference between the church "building" and the highway?

Where is your highway in life? Who do you pass by without giving more than a second thought to or glance? If you were walking on the highway, wouldn't you want someone to care enough to ask why and offer you a ride? And wouldn't you want them to know you by your name? Even if you come prepared to walk in the rain?

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