Sunday, July 8, 2007

Testimonies & Prayer Requests

It's Sunday afternoon and once again stormin' and pourin' here in G-town, Texas. Here's just a samplin' of some testimonies and prayer requests.

1) Ms. Melissa was giving testimony last night at the highly secure gated community's pool about our church. She spoke of how it had really ministered and reach out to their whole family. Even though they have sold their home and will be moving to a town nearby - they have already started visiting churches there. She said that the bar had been raised because of their time with us. Some of you may remember the long list of questions Ms. Melissa had for me, Dr. J, Randal, hubby, and anyone else who would listen. I'll never forget her leaning over to me and asking, "Do you people really want individuals to go down front?" during a time of invitation at the end of worship. Of course, I got in trouble for talking. Gotta love it! And we love Ms. Melissa, Mr. Pat, and their two precious sons. It is so wonderful to see how God continues to transform their lives. Thanks to those who invested in each of them and as a family.

2) This morning at the end of the 2nd service, testimony was heard by the drummer of the Praise & Worship team. It was powerful. It was moving. What made it better? He shared how the last two weeks have been in his life and about how he was woken up at 3:00 a.m. this morning. He couldn't help but to testify as to what God was doing in his life!

3) Back some time ago now - I had left my classroom after 20 minutes of waiting for someone to show up. 5 minutes after I left - 3 visitors showed up looking for my class. I vowed then to never leave until time for it to be over even if I looked darn foolish sitting there all by myself. Today....... Britti and baby Corbin showed up late. Really late. But they were there! Britti's blood pressure is great and Corbin is such a doll. This was the first time I had seen either one of them since he was born. The lesson for today was "What Time Is It?" with Scripture references being Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8. The blue carnation a few weeks ago was to celebrate Corbin's birth.

4) Eating lunch with Parker, Travis, my mom and Hoover proved to be quite funny. The pizza was good but the fellowship was even better. And yes, mom told us we were free to leave before her and Hoover were through. It was sweet and tender holding hands to pray as our family is accustomed to doing.

5) Prayer requests:

- Our missionaries as they are heading from Tennessee to Kentucky. The request is specifically in regards to the bus driver.

- Those affected by previous flooding and what is coming down now.

- Britti, baby Corbin and all involved.

- The woman and man at Pizza Hut sitting by the buffet.

- AP's health and her whole family.

- The Howland family.

- Those on the verge of making huge life changing decisions. That they may have the courage to trust in the Lord and lean not unto their own understanding. He always understands better than any of us ever could.

Do you have a testimony or prayer request today? Feel free to comment.

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