Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Today's Splashes

1)Amazing Grace... (My Chains are Gone) by Chris Tomlin. HIS mercy & love ......none can compare.

2) A meeting today. I enjoyed listening to the others involved. I think they can all stand to be a little bit more passionate about their jobs. (I am so incredibly blessed to have ya'll in my life.)

3) Lunch with a woman and her three children that I really didn't know that well until today. The conversation was well worth eating at McD's. Our kids hung out well together. How funny that two have the same the exact birthday.

4) Dinner with another woman and two of her children that I really didn't know that well until tonight. How great to hang out with four of our children - with our husbands gone and just chill. Of course two of her children are with my hubby....

5) Funny how one can enjoy chilling like that and miss two people so incredibly much. I am thankful for cell phones that can make a voice in Kentucky sound like it is in the room. Even with that said..... there is no voice that compares to that of our Father. I am so grateful to be a wife and mother. Even more so.... HIS child.

6) Tonight there is a woman preparing for surgery in the morning. Please pray for her.... While the surgery is not all that serious of one..... It still is surgery... a hospital... Her name is Carolyn. We love her dearly. She is a precious friend. The lawn pastor will be at her side even from Kentucky. More important - her faith in God will sustain her.

7) Earlier today I was introducing myself to a woman that I had never seen before. Funny enough she says to me, "Oh, you're Camey! I was looking for you yesterday." Turns out she went to the wrong hospital in regards to Jerry. I recounted to her to a bit of what transpired. All the while she was really giving me the once over..... Funny enough... I think by the time we finished the conversation it didn't matter that I didn't fit the look of the person she was looking for yesterday. My clothes were dirty.... My hair was long and straight... And I didn't have a dress or skirt and blouse on. I am who I am... There is none that compares to the ONLY I AM.

8) There's this person in a city about an hour and a half away from here. I cannot get this person off my mind tonight. It's too late to call her.... Thankfully.... I can talk to HIM any time. My prayers are with you.... If I could take your pain away.... and yet I know all too well that God is using you through it. There was a time when you would have taken my pain away if you could have.... That's what real friendship is about... Being with each other through joys and agony. Lisa...... please pray for her.

9) The room is completely dark right now with the exception of what is coming off the computer screen.... I have music playing ever so quietly as I sit here writing. The other three are asleep in the house.......

10) This another time.... when praise & prayer is worth more than words can say....


Juls said...

Camey would you please be praying for the twin boys. They are leaving Sunday for a week to visit their maternal grandparents and then will be gone another week to grief camp. Their older brother will also be going to the grief camp. Keep all 3 in your thoughts and prayers as you go these several weeks. Pray that grief camp will help them to work thru some of their emotions and such. Also pray as they get closer to their transition. Also keep the family in your prayers that will be missing the twin boys. There is a sweet young man at their house that is going to be very sad upon their departure. I know his mom continues to shed tears at the thought of them going to their new home and not being able to be there for them. She had a dream last night that one of the twins was injured at the highly gated community swimming pool and he kept calling for his mom. She knows it was just a bad dream but it hurts her to think of him wanting his mom and his mom not being here for him.

Check you teeth for spinach!!

Hugs and love

Camey said...

Oh Juls.... Carrying it all to HIM my sista. You can always write more about that if you want.... Remember our study on Following the Holy Spirit's Guidance?

Hugs and love to you dear one.