Monday, July 16, 2007

Let the Little Children Come Unto Me

This week is VBS at our church. I cannot begin to share with you how many countless hours individuals, whether paid or not, have spent on getting everything ready for this week. The church is decked out..... like nothing I have seen before. And this is not the largest church we've been a part of.....

Sunday morning... as the VBS children's praise team were singing and doing the hand motions to one of the songs for this week's music.... I couldn't help but smile deeply watching adults and teens alike standing up and doing them with the little children.

Sunday night... we served burgers and dogs as a part of an early bird registration. As little children were walking through the line .... when they got to me, asked, "Where do we have to pay?" The looks on their faces, as well as their parents or grandparents, were priceless when I told them they didn't have to. It was free.

This morning.... the looks on the little children's faces as they walked into the room known as the sanctuary.. were that of complete awe. All the chairs were gone and again.... decorated to the hilt! When I was back in the volunteer lounge... where I have the privilege of serving all the volunteers food this week.... I was told that I needed to see what was fixing to happen. As I was standing there with young and old alike.... there THEY came on THEM. Two Harley's with our Jim and Dawn riding on them INTO the SANCTUARY! Our children's minister and preschool minister are flat out amazing! AMAZING! The little children... still talking about it when they left.... talking about how they couldn't wait to see what was going to happen tomorrow at VBS.

Excited.... The little children were excited... they are excited.... Jesus said, "Let the little children come unto me." And to think.... FOUR MORE DAYS!

His little child


Bryan said...

My 4 year old son just spent a week at our VBS. We didn't have motorcycles (awesome!), but the atmosphere, decorations, excitement were all there. I felt many of the same things you were talking about. Watching all those kids excited to learn about Jesus got to me. My son still walks around singing those songs and doing the motions.

Have a great week. Try to get some're going to need it!

Max 180 said...

Every year at this time, I start to dread VBS. I've only been invoved for a few years, but every year it's more and more work getting ready for it. This year, we've had a pastoral change and things are quite different and again the feelings of dread have crept in. All those hours... the energy spent, the rushing to get to VBS after work and will everyone make it on time....

Oh, the things we worry about when there is nothing to worry about. I am always truly blessed to be a part of VBS, and every night take something away that I have learned through the eyes of a child.