Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Life is Stranger Than Fiction

1) Prayer request from Austin in Pikeville, Kentucky.... His other toe will be needing surgery when he returns. Please pray for him to stay focused on the MISSION and not his toe. Of course, I'm praying it will just be healed!

2) Prayer request - Campground in GR rec'd damaged Sunday. Mitchell is on the Mission Trip.

3) Prayer request - Dear friends are trying to buy some property. Pray for God's will to be done no matter what that is.

4) Prayer request - The bus driver. Since there were no vans....... 'Nough said.

5) Prayer request - The project sites & all involved. Much more involved than realized. Remember - they are working in the mountains.

6) Prayer request - The children are responding great to VBS there in Kentucky. Pray that it will have a lasting impact on their hearts/lives. Pray for their families.

The younger boys and I are heading to the highly secure gated community club's pool. We will have two other kids with us as their mother is out of the area working today. Pool ministry is one way God continues to stretch me. lol

Question: How are you being stretched today?

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