Monday, October 8, 2007

Fallen Limbs.

Earlier this evening, Parker and Travis called me outside to the side of the house. The wind was blowing and they had heard a limb break. They wanted to show me immediately. I told them there was nothing I could do about it at the moment.... and their daddy wasn't due home until dark and long after they were to be in bed.

A little bit later.. I told Parker and Travis to get busy with getting ready to go back to school tomorrow. A couple of minutes later.... out pops Park.... literally shaking. He had heard a loud thump on the roof above where he was taking a shower. It caused the shower itself to shake. He was scared.... Shhhhhhhhh

Well, just so you know... I might do a lot of crazy things but climbing on a roof top isn't on my list when I'm the only adult around. And as of yet.... Austin doesn't have any real experience with this sort of thing... So? What was I to do? Call one of our 80 year-old neighbors to climb on the roof? I don't think so..... I called the only ones who made any sense to call... (No, not the fire department. The get enough calls from the other neighbors ya know... Maybe even you....)

He answered the phone and said, "Yeeeeeessssss????" When I asked if he was available to come over... he said to her, "Am I ... are we available to come over?" I then explained why I was asking and they were over in a flash.... All five of them. Each one ready to do whatever was needed.

He climbed on the roof and had half of the tree coming down on the ground. Fortunately, no real damage to the roof or the gutter. It didn't even take 10 minutes tops. There was laughter and Parker even showed off his new glasses. There were hugs and the offer to help more if needed tomorrow.

Fallen limbs.... It is amazing how quickly they can happen. How the wind can blow on them and cause them to break. Yet, what is even more awe inspiring can be friendships. And the shade they can provide and the laughter that can be had at a moment's notice.

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