Monday, October 8, 2007

Motherhood. Laughter Abounds.

The younger boys are off school today. Austin did not have to work. Brother G is gone all day. Parker's glasses were ready to be picked up. We traveled into town to pick them up and decided to make it even more worth while. What's a mother to do? We went running errands of course. When you live in the country... you've got to use time in town wisely.

Parker and his mom were waiting in the chairs closest to the counter at the eye doctor's office. The same young woman that had helped us last week... walked up and said, "Parker? You ready to get your glasses?" He said, "You bet." He just smiled at her and then he looked at me grinning from ear to ear. And the glasses look like they were made for Parker.... they are a perfect fit.

Austin has worked really hard at his job at the little store in the highly secure gated community. He decided to buy his mom and two younger brothers lunch today. In the same shopping center as the eye doctor is a restaurant we all enjoy going to together. The look on his face was priceless as he handed the woman behind the counter the money. Lunch tasted especially sweeter than usual.

As the four of us were sitting in the booth eating... there was music playing. I couldn't help but notice that Travman and Park both kept dancing in their seats.... tapping the table to the beat like it was a drum. They even knew some of the words.... Austin kept giving me this funny look. It struck me... I was in fact doing the same thing...... Oh my.... It was music from the 80's.....

Motherhood is a funny thing at times. For I couldn't help but laugh when I realized it.... for they were songs I used to hear at the skating rink on Friday and Saturday nights when I was in junior high. And now when I hear them.... I won't simply remember "Couple Skate Only"....... I'll be reminded of motherhood and the incredible gift of each one of them.

And I will laugh... We all had stuff stuck in our teeth.

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