Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hold My Hand. Walk With Me.

Today is Tuesday... As I thought about what today's parenting class was going to hold.... Little did I truly know. It kept coming to me to just be prepare to share what was laid out for me to.

As I walked back up the stairs from getting a drink out of the machine, she walked up to me and took my hand. She said to me, "Camey? I am suppose to give this to you for your class. When the Spirit moves you to - read it aloud." I hugged her and thanked her and she walked on into the class on "Praying to Make a Difference" that she is a part of. I walked down the hall just a few steps and into the classroom.

As class was getting about ready to wrap-up, I knew it was time to read what she had given me. As I started reading it..... tears flowed from the eyes of several of the women in the group. I also shared about this particular Titus 2 woman in my life. She is one of our neighbors as well. We spend a good amount of time visiting together in the grass that connects us. I had asked her to specifically be praying for the women. She has been and will continue to.

After classes were over, we all headed downstairs for lunch together. I was quickly asked to sit at a table where there was no room for any of the women in my class to sit with me. I was not a hostess at this particular event so I graciously did what was asked of me. Then... I saw her table...... Ahhhhhh.....

I walked over to where she was at and introduced her to one of the women in my class. They were sitting right beside of each other. She was one of the ones who had the most tears while I had been reading. I quickly walked away. They had already introduced themselves to each other without knowing who the other was. This definitely changed the course of their conversation.

When the lunch was over, I was in the kitchen with her. She was in need of plastic wrap to cover her dish back up. Being that I know the kitchen at the church like the back of my own hand.... it was natural for me to do that for her. I shared with her about the fact that I talk about having Titus 2 women in my life in the parenting class especially. Today, she definitely made a difference to the women in the class as well as to me. I have no doubt it was through much prayer.

She had tears streaming down her face as she hugged me. She was unaware until today that I thought of her in that way. They haven't been our neighbors long and yet we've developed such a sweet and tender bond. Funny enough? When she first met me, she said, "Oh, you're the daughter of the widow we're building our house next to." Little did we know then either......

Hold my hand. Walk with me. Listen as He speaks to you.

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