Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Old Car. New Car.

First a correction must be made. The car is not the same age as Travman - that's hubby's car. This particular one is a 91 model. Yes, I said 91. That makes it an old car to most.... It makes it the same age as Austin.

My mother and I traveled to Boerne, Texas on that Friday. Hubby and the boys could not travel there until that Saturday. Obviously that meant they had to come in one of the cars. A little bit of anxiety was being had among the boys I must admit. There was their dad's car without air-conditioning for a several hundred mile trip where they would have to ride with the windows down... and it was hot outside..... or the car that almost did not pass inspection just a couple of weekends ago. Yet, what is... is what is.... It was going to be one or the other.

Mom and I were talking on that Friday. Somehow I had forgotten to mention to her about the tires on her car needing to be replaced. She gave her son-in-law permission to get four new ones. He did on that Saturday morn. And talk about a difference with the car......

Hubby and the boys drove the car to Boerne and then back that following Monday night. Each time the boys commenting about how great the car is now. Not just that it got them from this point to that point but that it was now a smooth ride. Yes, tires do make such a difference in the overall feel and ride..... especially when it is a long one. And the air-conditioner does work great.

It is the vehicle I drive the most... funny enough? I am enjoying driving it now. Oh sure the wiring is still a little goofy..... and I'll never forget the day I had to call for help. Hubby was in the big city all day. It was Healthy Kids meal day.... so that meant I had food with me. The car was deader than a doorknob. Doug came and prayed over the car..... Actually, I think he was doing that to make me laugh... It started and I went on about my Father's business. Good times. Seriously.

It may be an old car... but in many ways it is like new. We are thankful for it and the places it helps us get... and for those who travel in it with us....

Old car. New Car. Which are you more like?

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