Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Other Answers. Various Topics.

1) Dinner on the grounds is when the local body all come together and share food and fellowship outside. Yes, weather permitting of course. That is one of the reasons for the big blue tent. We are expecting 1,000 plus.

2) The big blue tent is also being used for the Fall Festival. There will be no AWANAS that night.

3) Yes, Brother G and I are in-charge of the Cake Walk..... hence our name on the top of the sign-up sheet. Please don't make us beg. It won't be pretty.

4) No. My mother is not attending the Widows' Banquet. She'll be with her boyfriend on a date.

5) Hubby and I go on at least one date a week. We kind of like each other too ya know.

6) Are all our neighbors 80 years-old? No.. Just the ones who were home when the limbs fell.

7) Yes. I do still write poetry. No, none of it has been published recently except for here. I'm good with that.

8) Austin's toe is still healing. It is okay for him to wear flip-flops to the physical church building.

9) Yes. I was wearing a skirt on Sunday morning. Not saying that's going to become a norm.... lol

10) Laughter is a gift.

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