Saturday, October 13, 2007

Frog. Hair. Guitar.

Yesterday, on our way into town, the lawn pastor needed to stop to tend to one of the properties. This particular one has a good amount of land to it. It also has a pool in the back yard. The owners live most of the time in another part of the US. They have family who live in G-town, so they keep their place here as well.

I sat in the car listening to the radio (note: I was actually listening to music.. not a sermon..) while the lawn pastor went to check on it... the pool that is... He came back a couple of minutes later holding something in his hand. He also had that funny grin on his face like he knew he was going to gross me out. He did.... The frog went on a little trip down the road with us... Gave new meaning to frog legs... Yuck.

The lawn pastor got out down the road and let the frog go.... It seems that frogs have a thing for the pool and have been giving him all kinds of fits... clogging up the strainer and such. This was the only one he could catch.... I would have liked to have seen him trying to catch them... Frog legs anyone? Yuck.

I was telling the boys about it later.. They reminded me of another hilarious story involving the land surveyor pastor. He and J. were out in deep country... and all of the sudden he started hearing some noise coming out of the bush.... J. had been a surveyor for many years... Not... the land surveyor pastor... He was freaked out! And then it appeared.... a ferocious cotton-tail... We all just busted a gut. No matter how many times that story is told.. our reactions are still the same.. And it still makes him shiver.... lol

So, yesterday afternoon, I had finally had enough... It had been six months since I had my hair cut last. That's one of those things left over from the years I was ill and not able to go into a salon. I drove up to the one by the little store here in the highly secure gated community. As I walked in... she grabbed me immediately... In the course of conversation, she told me that she is a single, a mother to a three-year old.. and is currently not involved in a church any where... Best hair cut & style I've ever had... And it only cost $40.00. Better than the hundreds of dollars I used to spend back when I was Miss. B. every month to six weeks.

In a few hours, Austin and I are heading to the big city. We are meeting the Lincster there.. Austin has worked enough to buy his own guitar. He has been borrowing one of Linc's... Last night after Austin came home from work, I walked into his room. He was counting the money to make sure he had enough. In another pile, was money that he is putting in the plate on Sunday morning. He had already put it aside before moving onto what he was going to spend. He wants to buy the guitar himself instead of us buying it for him. I can't wait to see his face in the guitar center. I look forward to watching him and Linc pick out the one that has been waiting for Austin to save up the money to take it home and make it his. The gift of music is alive... Austin has a left-handed guitar that belonged to his grandpa. Austin is right-handed though.. He will now have two guitars... Each one special in their own ways... and such tremendous reminders of His love for Austin... and Austin's for Him. Austin is learning to play the guitar to use as an instrument to help himself and others worship.

God loves you..... that is what Austin says when he closes the trunk after putting some one's groceries in it. He does not accept tips any longer.

God loves you too.... dear readers... This moment.....

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