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By Request: Where is Home

Where is Home
Written: December 9th, 2005

In the crowd she stands looking so sad yet trying to command a smile. Longing to be anywhere but where she’s found herself. Little children at her feet – wondering where would they sleep tonight?

In the aisle of the store he looks in a daze as he tries to decide. Would it be one can or two? He searches in his pocket – only a couple dollars and some change. Would it be enough to feed his family tomorrow too?

At the doctor’s office riddled in pain, trying not to show the tears, in her gentle ole voice she whispers, “Does anyone truly care?” In a room full of chattering people, no one hears a sound.

Rushing through the busy mall she grabs each item and says “Charge!” “This one is for Jimmy and this one for Jill.” When time to wrap them she tries to remember, “Did we give them these last year?”

Driving down the long highway listening to the roar of the engine, he forgets how long he’s been gone. With what seems like miles to go and needing some rest, he pulls over when to a little town has come.

He walks into the only place he thinks might be welcoming this time of night. With candlelight to usher him in, he hopes that he is right.

He walks up to the front of the room and gets down on his knees. He looks up at the cross and starts to pray, “Father forgive me if you would please? I’ve been away so very long but it’s time now to come home. You’re all I’ve ever needed. I’ll rest in you alone.”

As he gets up off the floor with tears streaming down his face, he finds he is not alone in this tiny little place. For waiting in a line behind him standing oh so near are all the others who have gathered home for Christmas this year.

One by one they start to share of what in life has brought them there. The woman with her little children had been looking for shelter in all the wrong places. The man had not taken seriously his responsibilities with his family finances. The older woman had looked to the doctors to heal her aching heart. Jimmy and Jill’s mother realized she had put everything else above being their mom.

Standing in a circle holding hands they all begin to pray. One by one their loneliness starts to melt away. For when we spend time with God just speaking from our hearts, He is there to listen and always will respond. Circumstances in life may not necessarily change, but how we deal with them through God can make for a better way.

For whether in the good times or the bad, or somewhere in-between, home is where the heart is and where Jesus should be King. For many years ago in a manager a little babe was born - His legacy to give us the greatest gift of all.

So this Christmas may you find where your home truly is? For it does not have to be decorated with gold ribbons and bows to be entered in with His presence.

The moral of this story I hope you will hear. Christmas is not about the tree, Santa Claus, or reindeer. If you’re feeling like you really do not have the spirit of the season, check inside your heart to find out who might be missing.

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