Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sabby Man. Thataboy Parker!

Sabby Man:

His name is John. He and I were talking as we were waiting for the school bell to ring. I had the pleasure of picking up Parker.... he was there to pick up his son and daughter. He has been on a sabbatical since May. He is a journalism professor at a major university.

One thing that really struck me about our conversation.... John said he totally relates to stay-at-home moms now. He is aching for adult conversations daily. Even though he has been engrossed in his research work, it is met with relative quietness. Their two children are gone for 7 hours Monday through Friday. His wife has a high demand job outside of being a mom.

He also said that it unnatural for him to not be at a job. He has been working since he was 17. He is 49 now. And again, even though he is doing research from his home office, still not the same.

I admire him for his honesty. No wonder he needed to ride 21 miles today, in our 73 degree December weather, to be out and about away from the house.

I wonder how many men can relate to the Sabby Man?

Thataboy Parker!

Parker has completed reading all 20 of the Bluebonnet books for the state of Texas. He is the first in his intermediate (4th and 5th) school to do so. Oh, if you've ever heard me talk about the son of ours who almost died 3 times in his first month of life and who doctors say was born two months early.... that son would be Parker. We were told that he would have all types of disabilities. Nope. Not that kid. And actually... he was born when he was supposed to be.

He came home from the NICU after being there his first full month in the outside world. He had to wear a breathing monitor. On Sunday evening, Father's Day, 1998, his breathing monitor stopped working. Parker's dad told me we were not going to call the tech guy out. We stood over Parker's crib, held hands, and prayed. Parker's dad thanked God for the time we had had with Parker up to that time and that no matter what happened during the night, we were thankful for his life. Parker was an exceedingly quiet baby. He rarely ever cried. Even when he did... you could still barely hear him. We went to our bedroom and closed the door. The baby monitor was beside our bed...

The next morning, as I walked in to Parker's room... not a single sound could be heard. And yet....... as I peered over the side of his crib.... there he laid just smiling from ear to ear. We never used the breathing monitor again. For in reality...... monitors are just that... It could not save his life if his time was up. But it wasn't up..... And God is using Parker to this day to inspire the heck out of those who know him. And he loves Jesus with all his heart.....

Thataboy Parker! Thank you also Mark Schultz for the song "He's My Son" that meant so much to us during that time and still does...

Thank You God..... for the gift of reading... for life... for sons...

Especially for Your Son Jesus. For no son could ever truly compare.

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