Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tears Flow. Faith Still Holds Secure.

On my way home from a meeting at the physical church building this morning, I got the word. An old family friend has passed away. His name was Billy Jo. He called me either his Darlin'Girl or Little Miss Sunshine and would squeeze the heck out of my shoulders with his side hugs. The tears flow because I'm thankful for the life he lived. They also flow because of and for her....

Her name is JoAnne. Billy Jo is her second husband to bury. She is only in her 50's. She has always been an example to me and any one else watching her how a wife should be. She also buried one of her sons shortly after his daddy past away. She and Billy Jo were an unlikely pair and yet they loved each other deeply. In truth, I always laughed watching the two of them together. They were beyond cute and mushy. Having known both of their previous spouses (both of whom were deceased), in some ways made them even more endearing to me. Today, she is a widow yet again.

Another thing about JoAnne has been her unwavering faith in God. No matter what trials and suffering has come her way, her faith still holds secure.

Thank You Lord for Billy Jo and his life. Thank You for JoAnne and her unquestionable testimony of faith through each moment of life in-between the dashes and her own.

Please pray for all connected. Yes, even me. This makes the twelfth person I've been more than remotely close to in my life pass on since 2005. And my faith is secure as ever... and tears flow as natural as dew on the lawn that is evergreen in my soul.

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