Friday, December 7, 2007

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Correction.


Brother G got another phone call. This time a really hard knock on the door. Please pray for God's clear direction.

What a special night! TR pulled out all the stops and Linc led us in worship. He sang some of his friend, Charlie Hall, songs, played the cello, guitar, piano.... and of course sang.. Wow. Brother G & I were thankful to be hanging out with the deacons and their wives at their Christmas banquet. Of course, with several others of the ministerial staff as well. And Brother G even won a door prize!


Please call and reserve your tickets for Two From Galilee! They are going fast. Friday night is sold out. Austin is doing the lighting. He says it is amazing! The cost is for the highly quality meal that is being served.

Tonight we will be spending time with hubby's family. His dad is being honored at a retirement dinner for the major company he has worked with for 40 years! We look forward to seeing them and hearing great stories of days and years gone by....


My mother and I will be attending the Celebration Service for our old friend that passed on. Please continue to pray for all involved.

Tomorrow night we are hanging out again with hubby's parents, sister and her little girl, and one of his brothers and his wife. We haven't seen some of them in a year plus. Two nights in a row. Can't wait!


Parker realized yesterday while at school that he had not read one of the twenty books. So, he is not finished reading all the Bluebonnet books yet. Thank you Parker for being honest. We're even more proud of you now than before.

There are numerous prayer requests... Please pray specifically today for the P family and the A family. Thank you.

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