Sunday, November 11, 2007

On Being Silent.

It always strikes me as funny when someone says to me that I am being too silent. I received that message from two different individuals today. Interestingly enough? I'm not normally around these two people that often in the first place. This is my official position on being silent.

There are definitely times when I am silent on purpose. My thoughts or opinions on a particular issue are not necessarily warranted. Instead of just being another voice in the crowd, I choose to be silent. Now that does not mean that I do not care about the issue at hand, it just means that I probably would not have any thing new to add to the conversation. Or it could mean that what I might add could be taken a couple of ways. Instead of taking the chance on being misunderstood and then possibly taken out of context when quoted, I keep my mouth shut.

What really struck me though about one of the times this morning, I was being silent because I had been talking and then decided to listen instead. When I closed my mouth, opened my ears, and truly listened, I knew it was not necessary for me to say more. To do so would have been squashing the Spirit's voice telling me to stay silent.

There are times when it is okay for me to speak. There are other times when it is best for me to be silent. In my own relationship with the Lord, I'd rather stay silent because He has told me to, than to open my mouth and be being disobedient just to have a voice on an issue.

That's my official position on being silent.

Sometimes silence is golden

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