Wednesday, November 14, 2007

For the Love of Trouble

Trouble wears her name well. I was fortunate to spend some time with her earlier. The conversations we have are some of the most heavy hitting of any I've ever had with anyone. She walked up to me in the foyer of the physical church building and asked, "So what's new that you can talk about?" We hugged as we always do... unless of course one of us ain't hugging that day for whatever the reason....

Like I was sharing with Trouble, I know individuals who say that most of their closest friends, along with themselves, smoke weed on a regular basis. They do not honestly see any thing wrong with it. And I know that someone reading this might just fall on that side too. All I can say is that I personally do not believe it is the thing to do. Does that mean I won't walk through life with that individual?.... with you? No, that's not what that means.

For the love of Trouble.... we understand that all we can do is be there. To pray for whatever is going on that is causing someone to want to do drugs in the first place. For most know that it may start with weed but rarely stays there..... it can have life long affects... and effects....

Trouble is old enough to be my grandmother. We both believe that Jesus is answer. There is no age gap in that belief.

Pray for Trouble's extended family. And pray for your own and mine too. Drugs do touch all of our lives whether or not we inhale, snort, shoot up,....... ourselves.

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