Tuesday, November 13, 2007

You Raise Me Up

Today concluded the parenting class that I have been teaching the last 10 weeks at our physical church building. As I sit here thinking back over the classes, I cannot help but be beyond thankful. My main purpose as a Bible study teacher, no matter what the particular study may concentrate on, is to always bring individuals back to the cross and to the empty tomb. To help each individual grow in their walk with Jesus or to want to start one if they haven't already. Another purpose is to come up along side of them and help them in areas where they might need a hand. This sort of thing is not possible in of my own accord. It is only possible with the guidance of His Spirit.

I started off the very first class by being as transparent as I know how to be. And I stayed that course for the remainder of the classes. One thing I've learned time and time again, the more I show myself to be real, the more real I become. Apparently, at times, I can be intimidating. Or so I've been told. One of the Titus 2 women in my life told me before this class, "Camey? You just let your hair down and let them see you." I even took my shoes off and provided chocolate like I do for my Sunday group. God is good.

This class was by far one of the best ones I've ever been a part of. It is only in Him that I boast. For it is only Him who can take such a diverse group of women and a teacher like me and come up with a formula for success. In January, God's will permitting of course, I am scheduled to teach a marriage class. Upon sharing this information with this class, I asked for a show of hands of those who would be interested, all but one raised her hand. I asked a couple of the women afterwards what could I do next time to help them get even more out of the study than they did this time. They both said, "Camey? Do it like you did this one. Continue to follow His lead."

I am convinced all the more after this class that my research over the years holds true. That individuals long for others to come up along side of them and simply walk with them - warts and all. When we are able to share from our hearts, all pretenses left at the door, the Word can truly come alive in ways that are only possible because of Him. I shared my struggles as a Christ-follower, as a wife, and as a parent. And they in turn, shared back. And in the end, we were each brought back to the cross and the empty tomb.

It is finished because He alone raised each one of us up.

A grateful teacher and life long student

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