Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Letting It Roll."

As someone told me last night, "Camey? Your family lives the weirdest life. I'm not sure how you guys keep up with it all." This morning, I definitely have to agree. Back when we surrendered to full-time ministry in 2004, we knew we were in for a wild ride... Little did we know. And yet we suspected....

This morning my hubby said, "We're letting it roll." This statement comes after the wildest day in ministry yet. And given a few of the ones we've had thus far... that's saying a lot. My long gray brunette hair feels like it is has been in an electric socket. And yet, I'm having to laugh. More than any thing else... praising God and seeking His face.

As I said yesterday.... we're in transition. That was never more clear than on November 14th, 2007. It's like we're standing on the edge of today... of tomorrow.... the very next moment. It is one of those times in life where God is more of a mystery to me than normal. If you were to see the map of my/our life up until now.. you would know that is huge statement coming from me. I am a woman who wasn't supposed to have children. We have three sons.... one of which almost died three times in his first month of life and is as healthy as a horse today. I've known what it is to be fed, bathed, unable to move due to being paralyzed from the neck down and told there is no hope. I've seen the doctors faces when a complete healing with no medical explanation has taken place. Mystery.....

Before my hubby and I surrendered to full-time ministry, he was all set to be a life-long employee of the company he was working for. In 2005, he/we walked away from the benefits of full-time employment with a major company for 17 years. We gave away and/or sold almost every thing we've had the blessing of calling ours.... All because of this mystery.

And letting it roll never sounded so good. Never sounded so freeing. Because one thing we've come to feel in our bones is that this life is not ours..... and as much as we think we know we can determine what tomorrow will hold... it remains a mystery... as does today.. this moment.

How are you letting it roll?

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