Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Conversations With Austin

First I have to start by saying.... Man, I love that kid. Thank You, Lord for the gift of him.

Austin and I have the most in-depth conversations normally when going to and from the physical church building. Hubby and I believe in sharing with our sons what is truly happening in our lives on age (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) level scale. Today's conversation was raw and honest to the core.

Austin has been called into the ministry. The specifics are not known as of yet. He is definitely a leader already and greatly involved in numerous areas. The conversation today was the perfect opportunity to really speak about the struggles, that as individuals, we can have about listening to God and following His will no matter what that means.

Along the lines of "God's will permitting"..... We talked about the fact that I plan things as a woman minister with the understanding that I follow his dad. I am committed to being wherever he is at and whatever God has for our lives. At times, that definitely puts me in a strange and uncomfortable place. I wouldn't be any where else honestly. I'm not an in the box type of person. That's not who God has called me to be...... nor my hubby.... or our family.

I am so thankful for conversations with Austin. I am grateful that his love for God outweighs his comfort level. And that he understands that his mom looks to his dad as the spiritual leader of our household. Yes, his mom was called into ministry also..... But not to overshadow his dad. His dad supports his mom 100% as his mom does him. We do so with the understanding that at the beginning of the day, at the end..... and every moment in the middle.... it is not about us....

It is all about Him. And after all.... aren't all Christ-followers called to follow Him... to serve?

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