Friday, November 9, 2007

It's Okay to Say "No"

Hubby and I have been doing a good amount of praying, studying, and trying to model what we believe God has laid out for us as parents. At times that does require saying "No" to others. Even if you do say, "Oh, Geez!" at the thought.

Brother G just received a phone call from someone. They were wanting Brother G and I to go out to dinner with them. They have free passes for dinner at a restaurant that is having their grand opening. We've been talking about this restaurant opening for months. Months. It is without a doubt one of our favorites. It is one of our fondest memories of the big city life. Brother G said, "No." I said, "Oh, Geez!" and then quickly came to my senses.

We're often told that in ministry it is a bad idea to say "no" when someone calls like that. I submit to you this is not always the case. Such as tonight.... Hubby (aka the boys' dad) has been working on dinner for the five of us for the last 30 minutes. He's grilling some chicken. Yum. The boys all know the intent is to sit down together, eat, and share as a family. What would it have said to them if we had suddenly said we were going out and they were staying home instead?

The restaurant will still be there tomorrow.. (hopefully.. this is small town Texas remember?) The individuals are more than just ministry associates. But our boys? They deserve quality time with their parents. They deserve our undivided attention.

It's okay to say "No"..... Your family might just thank you.

A Thankful Wife and Mother

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