Saturday, June 14, 2008

Open Communication. Real Talk.

Today I am expressing gratitude and thankfulness. Yesterday from start to finish was full of open communication and real talk with various individuals. Some - I have known for years; others have only known by sight and the casual "hello"...

There's an older woman in my life's moments. I had the opportunity to talk with her on the phone and then to actually see her in person. We tease each other and yet, when the conversation goes deeper - there is real encouragement between us. We do not always see eye to eye. And that is more than okay. I am thankful for her just the same.

A certain man and I got to spend some quality time talking while he was waiting for others to arrive at the physical church building for Healthy Kids. This man shared with me how much he still misses my dad every single day. He shared stories about watching dad when he did not know he was looking. He shared about dad's kindness... a type of kindness that comes from God and not any one person themselves. This man spent numerous hours with me in waiting rooms while dad was in the hospital the last couple months of his moments here.. And yesterday, he listened as this silly woman shared with him about her passion bucket and various others things going on in life and living. And he could not have been of any more encouragement. I pray I was to him as well. I am thankful for him.

Last night we were hanging out at G-town's pool. As I walked around talking with various individuals about their moments... I noticed one woman sitting by herself and walked over and sat down with her. She is one whom I've only known by sight.. and the casual "hello"... That's now history.

This woman shared with me about a girl who was in the pool. Her story made my chin drop. And if you've ever heard me share some of the stories I can personally share - that's saying a lot... I was moved to tears. As we were talking - the girl kept going in and out of the pool and coming over to us. Her smile was radiant. As she purposefully got me wet - her laughter was sheer gold. I wish I could have bottled it to pour out on others.

There is much to be said for general chit chat.. And yet, nothing beats open communication and real talk.

How long has it been since you've pulled up a chair?

or made that phone call?

sent that email?

May God's kindness flow in today's moments.

May it cause others to see The One and Only Hope.

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