Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How Does THAT Happen?


Funny thing about fasting.... If you would have ever... and I do mean EVER told me that I would lose the taste for Diet Coke and dark cola products in general - I would have never believed you.

Kid you not - since my 40 days have been up... I have not even drank half of a bottle. Absolutely cannot stand the taste of it.


Yesterday afternoon, I went on a date with two of my favorite guys in the whole wide world. The younger one opened my door for me. The older whispered in my ear some during the movie. The older would hold my hand. The younger would rub my arm like you would a kitty cat. Even though I was sitting in-between them.... they were closer to me than to the other side of their seat. At some point - this type of dating will cease... the younger will want there to be a fourth and it will become a double date. It won't be long before he is taller than me too...

How does THAT happen?

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