Sunday, June 8, 2008

Missionaries. Students. A.C. Marine.


One of the things that Brother G and I appreciate most about our local church body is our Student Ministry. This afternoon - a group of missionaries set out to a big city not terribly far from G-town. Shelley and Ryan strive to have a balance between opportunities around our town as well as away from it. That to be "On Mission" is a part of life and living... whether on a trip to Arlington, Texas or to Wal-Mart.

Yes, Brother G and I have sent out two of our sons - Travis (13) and Austin (16) on this particular adventure. We cannot wait to hear how God is going to work in and through them this week. We are praying for lives to be forever changed!


Speaking of students.... I had the privilege of teaching a Bible study class for ninth grade girls. (Brother G taught ninth grade boys) We are always thankful to fill in wherever needed. One thing I can say about the girls..... They are willing to dig deep with me. If you understand any thing at all about me as a teacher it is that I do not want what some refer to as "Sunday School answers." It's not about memorizing an answer to give. It is about breathing the answer in and out in their own moments... or wanting to learn how to even begin. God is not kept in the pages of His Word alone. Why should we act as if He is?


The A.C. in the Attic went out this morning. It meant rearranging classes and even a gathering for lunch. Honestly, I think it was one of the best things that could have happened today. Yes, I just said that.....


We receive word this afternoon that our Marine had a staph infection in his arm and had to have all that had be done to it since the blast taken out. It is quite possible he will lose his arm in the end. No wonder so many individuals were asking Brother G about David this morning.

Please keep praying for him, his wife, and etc.... They are currently out of the USA. We hope to have them back in the states in November.

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