Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Little Girl Unseen Part II

Sunday morning, Parker and I were in the first service worshipping together. He elbowed me to look to our left... and there she was. Parker and I both had tears streaming down our faces. Yesterday, he asked me if I had written about what we "witnessed" yet. So, it is at his request that I share even more about Little Girl Unseen.

She was sitting on the outside of the aisle. Her mom and dad to her left. The words to the song we were singing were clearly speaking to her.... she was identifying with them personally. At first, she sat there with her hands raised. Next thing we knew - she was standing with them raised high in the air. There's a reason to stand. To raise her hands in praise and worship....

This little girl has known major heartache in her few years of life. She now also knows much love due in part to her parents. While they may not have given birth to her - they clearly are hers and she is theirs. The changes in this little girl have been like watching a wall tumble down. It has not happened because of her parents love alone... but because of God's. There are numerous others that He has brought into her life to help her see Him.

That's what Parker and I had the incredible blessing of witnessing..... This little girl seeing a glimpse of Him and not being able to sit still and be quiet. Her hands being raised and her standing up spoke volumes.

O, Lord... help us to be more like a little child.

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