Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Prostitute Has A Name.

Last night Brother G and I received word about a woman being arrested for prostitution. We were saddened to hear this news because we had just been discussing her on the way to where we were at when we received the news. When I say "we" .... I mean Brother G, myself, Travis and Parker. We had been talking about not seeing her in quite a while.

Her name is Brenda. I've written about her on numerous occasions. Brenda is often seen hitchhiking around our town and surrounding areas. If her thumb is up - she wants a ride... If it's not - she wants to walk. When she walks - her head is down looking at the ground.

How do we know Brenda's name? She has ridden with me numerous times before. At times with one, two or all three of our sons with me. She even let me drive her all the way to the drop off for her house before. Only once... but still.... Do I know which house in particular? No....

"The Prostitute" has a name... it's Brenda. And if I see her out on the highway hitchhiking again - I will offer her a ride if her thumb is up. Brenda matters to God. Therefore, she matters to me as well.

How can I talk about noticing others.... and drive on by? How can I be the minister He called me to be and act as if I did not see her at all? or even a Christ-follower period....

Yes, she was arrested for prostitution. That does not mean her life is over. It could just really be starting.

Please join us in praying for Brenda. May she know God's love for her today like never before.

And may she know it because of those who are willing to intersect their lives with hers.

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