Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Ashes in Life. 10 Years.

Last night I spent some quality time hanging out with our students. Softball Ash was having a hard time finding a book of the Bible. I told her there's nothing wrong with using the Table of Contents. That's what it is there for until she learns them. So, she looked it up for herself and upon finding it, she said, "Thanks Camey for not finding it for me." She laid her head on my shoulder as Pastor Mark was closing in prayer. I stroked her face with my hand just like I do my own children.

She is heading out overseas soon for the rest of the summer. One thing I do know about Softball Ash - distance matters none. It has been one of the biggest blessings and privileges I've had to watch her these last few months. To go from not being involved with a church body - to being on fire, getting baptized, and sharing God's love with others! I can still hear her saying, "God's love is free like this bottle of water."

Dating Ashley was there with her boyfriend. As we met up with each other in the hallway after it was over, she shared with me that her mother was going to be bringing her Sunday and actually staying. Her mom it seems has not been to a building known as a church in around 10 years. Dating Ashley was so excited. You could hear it in her voice. 10 years...... Even if something happens and her mom does not stay - there is at least the hope that she thought about it for a moment. That's a start.

Softball Ash and Dating Ashley... Both of whom are becoming more involved with our local church body. As Pastor Mark says, "Belong. Not just believe." Yet, neither of their moms are currently involved. We pray that will change. No matter if it's as a part of where we're at or somewhere else... That they will know God's presence in their lives.... in their very moments of life and want to truly live. That He alone can make them whole.

The Ashes in life can sometimes be gray and scattered. At others - they can be a beautiful picture of how Christ loves the church.

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