Monday, April 7, 2008

Little Girl Unseen.

There was a little girl today underneath the desk downstairs. She was hiding from her dad and middle sister. And she was talking with me all the while. I didn't mind that people thought I was talking to myself when she would hear an unfamiliar voice and would not respond back to me. It's par for her course. This little girl and I have a very tender friendship with each other for reasons I cannot explain here.

During her stay under the desk, there were a couple of individuals needing assistance out the doors. I would look at her and say, "Can you please go open the doors for them?" and out from under the desk she would come and with a smile beaming from ear to ear - would open the door for these strangers to her. That's what trusting someone can do. She knew it was safe to do so because I was asking her.

This little blond headed girl loves stickers. So, I gave her one. Only on her sticker I wrote, "Special friend to God and Ms. Camey." When I read it to her - she hugged me so tight and said, "I know you both love me." Tears came to my eyes for the little girl was quite right.

When she had a moment to think about it, she asked me if it were okay to give her middle sister a sticker too. I got another sticker out and laid it on the counter. She looked at the sticker and then me, and said, "Ms. Camey? I know God loves my sister and I know you do too. Please write on her sticker just like you did mine." So, I did.

When her middle sister, dad and baby sister came around the corner, the middle sister yelled out at me - "CAAAMMMMEEEEEEYYYY!" Then, came running to where I was at and hugged me tight. My relationship with her just as tender yet in different ways. Her oldest sister called out to her from underneath the desk, "I have something special for you from God and Ms. Camey." She then put the sticker on her middle sister. Her sister hugged her and they headed to the door with huge smiles on their faces like they were simply adored. They were quite right indeed.

The little girl unseen was heard in a loud way.

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