Sunday, June 29, 2008

Answers to Prayers. Seeing God Move.

Back a few weeks ago I shared about The Ashes in Life. 10 Years. This morning... I saw Dating Ashley and walked up to speak with her. Friday night was so chaotic that I did not get to spend any time really talking with her upon their returning from camp. She looked at me and said, "So? Do you know?" She then proceeded to share with me about accepting Christ at camp on Wednesday night. We hugged and we cried... Then, she blew me away even more....

As we were worshipping, Pastor Mark asked a couple of the kids from camp to come up and share about it. Ashley not only got up there, she shared about the God-sized hole she'd had in her life. How only God was able to fill it and complete her. Again..... tears down my face. She so gets it now!! She then encouraged any one who was still searching to stop looking everywhere else but to God. Thankfully one of the gals next to me had a kleenex.

As we were getting ready to leave... Ashley came and found me. We hugged... and hugged. She will be out-of-town for a month. When she returns - she plans on getting baptized. She said, "My mom will come then and will have to let my little brother come too. Keep praying Camey!"

As if that was not enough......

We had the Lord's Supper this morning.... What an incredibly special time that was...

Our AP, Randal, announced he has been called to be the senior pastor of a church in Georgia. His wife, Cathy, was unable to be with him. He accepted the call last Sunday night for them to then run to be with her dad for his last few moments. Cathy is still in Florida. This couple are dear friends of ours as well. Cathy and I were both on staff together at another ministry when my dad passed on. We've been through many valleys together as well as mountain tops. She is definitely my sister in Christ. Randal is a brother to me as well. He and I get madder than a hornet's nest at each other but love each other (and each other's families) so deeply. We ache with each other. Laugh with each other. We hope..... We pray..... Distance won't change that I'm sure. And for those who were mad that I did not share about any big announcement being made today - not gonna apologize for that... it comes with the hats that I wear.

Brother G and I are currently teaching the 18-25 somethings during the 10:30 time slot. This morning - Brother G was needed elsewhere. Today I had 5 individuals in the group. One whom was in a class of mine a year or so ago.. another whom we've known for a couple of years. Since we really do not know many in the group - today we spent time getting to know each other some. The more transparent a teacher can be .... often times.... those in the class will follow. This morning was proof of that.

Holy Spirit was freely moving in that room. One guy who normally does not talk much... finished answering the direct question I asked him before needing to leave for his job at Wal-Mart...... he said, "No, I can't go until I finish answering your question." One guy had tears in his eyes as he was answering his question. One by one as they were walking out the door - they reached out to hug me. That's not me people... That's God moving.... I'm just the vessel being used at that moment.

I'm often told that individuals do not want to be asked questions... especially not direct ones. I beg to differ. My time with pregnant teens, single moms, young marrieds with preschoolers/children, teenagers, the homeless, and etc. all show otherwise.

If we want individuals to come to learn that God can and does meet them where they are at - wherever that may be - we must be willing to be His hands and feet. To ask those questions..... to take a vested interest in the life of another..... To share openly about how He has changed our own lives and is still changing us daily.... To not make complete sentences and yet for them to make sense because of Him because no other answer works.

I do not know if I will see Ashley get baptized.

Or see her mom and brother come to know Jesus.

But I do know this.... PRAISE GOD for how He moves...

For He has passed by this way..... He has made His presence known.

And today... we drank from the cup and ate the bread and remembered it was He who gave His life for each one of us.

Time to get out of that boat people! And walk......


TedE said...

My best to Randall and family.

Keep walking - the boat has a hole in it.

Camey said...

Definitely will tede.

Thanks for coming by.