Thursday, July 3, 2008

Those Kind of People. Real Nourishment.

Yesterday morning I received a phone call as I was preparing to leave the highly secure gated community for the day. It is safe to say, the person on the other end is one of those kind of people. We were discussing an article I had written... and he was editing it.

I've been writing for years. Never had this type of editor before... Oh, sure individuals will say, "You did not have to say it that way." Normally, that's because I've stepped on their toes or encouraged them when they really did not want to be. Or so I'm often told.

This was different. He was asking me questions and I was required to dig deeper. I had written in a way that I do not normally do. Therefore, the flow was not natural. Oh, the piece in of itself was not bad. That's not what he was saying. It just did not necessarily jive with how I write here - nor how I speak/talk.... and he called me on it. And it is safe to say I had an "AHA" moment.

I had let a couple of other individuals read the piece before I submitted it. I went back to them and shared about my conversation with the editor.... they all agreed with him. In their love for me, they had given me nothing but positive feedback on it. And yet, when told what this individual had to say, they coughed up their flowery love and showed me their real love.

One of the things I've fought time and time again is "yes" people. I am not that kind of person. And I do not want those kind of people cheering me on. I want people who will say, "Man, Camey. You blew it with that. What were you thinking?"

I believe as Christ-followers we are called to spur each other on. To cause each other to dig deeper than we would on our own... to help prune the thorns if you will....

And all the while knowing that it is not us who truly do so.... it is the power of His Spirit alive in us and flowing out because of His love and kindness. The Father does not want us to stay the same..... but to grow and mature. And at times that hurts like heck. But man, oh man..... is it every worth it in the long run...

Are you one of those kind of people?

God's love is not all flowery. Why should ours be either?

I go back to my use of the onion here... It can stink... Cause one to cry... And yet, what can be created with onion as an ingredient can satisfy a hungry body - provide real nourishment.

AHA! Start cooking people. (and Camey)

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