Saturday, July 5, 2008

Connections Through the Moments.

The last 24 hours have brought about numerous conversations. A couple really stick out in my mind at the moment.... all connected in one way or another.

Last night, we were with a large group of individuals at some dear friends' house. I noticed this elderly woman sitting at one of only a couple of tables by herself. I walked over, sat down, and introduced myself to her.

Nancy is in her 80's. I could not help but laugh as she was sharing with me about her days on the water. As we looked out on the picturesque views the lake was providing..... she mentioned that she had stopped skiing when she was 55-years-old. Why did I laugh? When I asked why that age instead of 54 - she replied, "Well, I finally realized I was too old for that sort of stuff. It took me a year.. but when I realized it - I stopped." Rich stuff there...

As we talked, as we shared...... we realized we had much in common over the moments of our lives though greatly far a part in the number of years. A few other individuals kept joining us as we continued to talk. One was her daughter. As I was sharing certain things about myself - she gave me the funniest look. Then, she had a light bulb go off.

She had been in a room full of people one day when I was the guest speaker years ago. She said, "You know Camey? I remember people praying for you and your family during the years you were ill. And all that time we were praying..... we never realized the impact those prayers - your healing would have on us here. How we would directly benefit from carrying you to God other than that time spent with The Father?"

She then told her mom, Nancy, who my dad was. Nancy looked at me and got big tears in her eyes. You see, Nancy gets around via wheelchair. I just had not asked why up until that part of the conversation. I took Nancy's hand in mine as her daughter told me, "Mom has Parkinson's like your dad did. He was a great encouragement to her."

Nancy and I proceeded to talk about the struggles of illnesses, about losing independence, needing individuals to care for basic needs, and yet how much can be gained in the process. There was another woman sitting at the table with us... before leaving - she told me how much she had enjoyed listening to our conversation even though she rarely entered in to it with audible words.

Nancy's son-in-law said to me, "I can remember your dad crying buckets as he would give us the latest update on your health. And then cried even more when sharing that you were healed. And we all cried with him."

Funny enough? The day I came to speak to 3 different large groups at this physical church building on the hill in G-town, Texas... it was my first time to drive that far by myself any where since 1998. I got lost. And when I stopped in a little convenience store to ask for directions... a man said to me, "Sister! You're not that far from your turn." I walked out the door laughing..... And little did we know at that time - God would tell us to move there...... here..... a year later.

In the fall of 2004, Parker had a dream. By this time hubby and I had surrendered to God..... In the dream, the next place we were going to live was surrounded by trees. Lots and lots of trees. As I sit here writing this - you should see all the trees behind me, to the sides of me, and in front..... Again... laughter... rich laughter.

There are connections through the moments. And today, as I had conversation after conversation with individuals all over G-town during the parade and after... I am reminded of that all the more. As Brother G is at Wal-Mart.... as Austin is at the little store here in highly secure gated community.... and as Trav, Park and I are heading to the pool here shortly.... all the more.

So, whatever lies ahead.... I am grateful for the struggles and the fights and the Victory in Jesus.... and for knowing that grace walks each step of the way..... even with that turn around the corner that has our name on it.

He is the God of our yesterdays... Today.... And tomorrows.....

And it is a privilege to be His servants wherever we may be or go.....


M. Steve Heartsill said...

Camey...what a great devotional and words of encouragement! What a talent you have for the written word! I am glad that you use it here for the entire world to see!

Camey said...

Steve... Thank you. Writing is very much a part of the ministry The Father has called me to. For me not to write would be saying no to following Him completely. It is a part of being obedient. It is outflow of His love and kindness... Did I ever mention that I almost did not graduate high school due to my English class my senior year? Talk about using weaknesses. Thank you again for your encouragement, support and prayers as well.