Thursday, July 3, 2008

Speaking of Those Kind of People..

I've written about Trouble on numerous occasions. Today, I've had a couple of people ask me, "Why are you not asking for prayer for Trouble?" I have been in various other places and ways.

Trouble has had this infection for quite some time. It looks like it is turning out to be MRSA. Trouble's health ain't so keen any ways... Throw in the fact that she is in her 80's....... And we're talking a recipe that none of us want to taste at the moment.

I spoke with her late this afternoon after numerous attempts to reach her throughout the day. Trouble cried and cried on the phone with me after hearing about all the people asking about her and remembering her in prayer.

I'm often asked how did Trouble and the G family become so close. That's what happens when individuals come to love and accept each other so deeply. We often disagree... or agree to disagree... disagree to agree - if you get my point. We hug each time when saying "hello" and "goodbye" - even if we've been spitting at each other because we've been so passionate about whatever the subject has been.

Trouble and I have spent numerous hours over the years praying together. The conversations we've had at great lengths in the foyer of the physical church building would make some people blush. Trouble shoots from the hip.... and she shoots straight. And man, oh man..... if I could grow up to be half the woman she is....

The last time Trouble brought us a bag of goodies it contained some of our favorite things: sugar cookie mix and pancake mix. And while to most that would not seem like that big of a deal... for a woman who is on a very fixed income such as Trouble.... it is a priceless gift. It is also a testimony of her faith and investing in the lives of others. The sugar cookie mix is for me to make with our sons... the pancake mix is for Brother G to fix me one of my favorite meals - pancakes, lots of syrup, real butter, and whipped cream on top. She has taken the time to learn these things over the moments.

So, I ask if you will remember Trouble as you pray....

More than that, I ask that you consider the legacy she is writing during the moments..

For you see, for well over a year plus now - she has been covered in sores, in pain, searching for answers and that has not stopped her from loving generously.

Trouble is one of those kind of people. And the G family is ever so grateful for her life for she loves Jesus and is not afraid to wear it on her sleeve even if you were to wipe your nose on it.

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