Sunday, April 20, 2008

Broken Pieces. Beauty Abounds.

There are people that come through life who take up residence in our very being. This morning, I saw one such person coming my way as I stood in a hallway. I had heard earlier in the week that she was hoping to be there today. This was the first time I've seen her since January. And yet, the not first time I've really laid my eyes upon her beauty.

This woman's life was changed on the last Sunday of January. The impact of what happened that morning affected more than just her honestly. Her car skidded off the road and flipped. The windshield broke into pieces and smashed her face and body. It was astonishing that she even made it out alive. Today it was clear - she is still much very living.

I've written about this woman on Life in the Moments before. Our connection is deeper than deep. We're prayer partners and do not have to be together in the same room to be there for each other. Like I said, this was the first time I've seen her since January. And yet, our relationship has grown stronger in that time.

As I stood there taking in my dear precious friend - I could not help but notice her sheer beauty. For even though she was wearing sunglasses inside the building to hide the damage to her eyes and help protect them, she was more radiant than ever. She would not trade the past few months for a new car even though the one she was driving that day was totalled in a flash.

That's what broken pieces can do when we surrender to God's healing hands to mend us. We may not look the same again. We may only be a slight resemblance to what we once were. And yet, we may be like pieces that are brought together and create stained glass that truly lets His light shine through.

Broken pieces. Beauty abounds because of Him alone. Sylvia would testify to that as would I.

We'll take being weird like that. How about you?

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