Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Unending Gratitude.

Today was the last meeting for this particular Tuesday morning Bible study group. It has been my sheer pleasure in being their teacher and walking along side of each one. It has also been one of the biggest growth times for me as a teacher and as a Christ follower. I am in a constant stage of learning - I remain a student. I am grateful.

Each week I asked the women to dig deep with me but more importantly in their walks with Him. The Sermon on the Mount was met with a variety of responses. Most of which I will keep quiet for the purpose of this post. There needs to be safe places for individuals to share. One thing I know for sure as a teacher - your students will not go where you are not willing to go yourself first. If you're relying on your self - you will miss the mark every single time. If you ask His Spirit to be your guide - let go and watch! Talk about freedom....

For those of you who have been praying for me as their teacher... for each one of them...

I am met with unending gratitude. And honestly, no words could ever do it justice.

If I could ask one thing more - keep praying. God is moving here in Granbury!

Today was absolute proof.

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