Thursday, April 17, 2008

Servant Evangelism Tip for This Week

Hey everyone, I want to thank Camey for adding me as a contributor to her blog. What a blessing that is! Starting this week, we will be posting a new servant evangelism tip on the Life In the Moments blog each week. These will be practical, helpful little tips that will assist you with integrating the "servant evangelism" model into your regular, ongoing outreach ministry. If you come up with an idea for an outreach, we would love to hear about it! Here's this week's tip:

Learning to work together, even on a small job -- can help a group become closer. Get your small group involved in a hands-on project. The project might be in the home of one of your group members, or it might be at your church or another location where people are in need of some volunteer help. Here are some tips:

Consider the skill level needed for the job -- is it laying tile, changing or fixing a faucet, hanging window coverings, painting rooms with decorative techniques, or refinishing wood floors? If it's beyond the average person's skill, arrange for a specialist to teach on the topic and demonstrate the methods involved. Check local hardware and home improvement centers to see if you can find someone willing to teach your group.

Determine what materials your church will provide and what group members need to bring. Make sure any supplies and tools are on hand.

Present a short devotional on Nehemiah 2:17-3:5 either before or after your project. In the face of oppression and ridicule, Nehemiah led his people to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. They depended on God to give them success. They dedicated their work to the Lord, and tackled it together. Help group members understand that even when they face adversity in life, relationships, or marriage, they can depend on God to give them success. Encourage them to approach the home improvement project with Nehemiah in mind, remembering that God called them to work together.

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