Friday, April 25, 2008

Men in the Kitchen! Wooooman!

On Fridays I have the distinct pleasure of being at the desk in the main foyer of our local physical church building. If you were to call our number - I would be the voice answering the phone. Today is no ordinary Friday. There's men in our kitchen cooking dinner and preparing for tonight. I must confess to rather enjoying seeing these men in our kitchen. Not only are they cooking, they've been decorating tables and various other things. Men.... Did you catch that?

One asked if he could trade places with me for a few minutes. He's currently chopping lettuce for the salads. I shared with him the story about the day Brother G filled in for me due to my having a stomach bug. Still to this day, individuals tell me how strange it was calling the physical church building and hearing a man's voice instead of mine... a woman's. Then finding it even more interesting learning it was my husband's voice instead of his wife's.

Men are in the kitchen. This woman is answering the phone and greeting guests and family members as they are walking in to the physical church building. Personally? I think I've got the better end of this deal.

Humor is a great thing!

Life is full of humorous moments even if at times we have to look for them.

Have you looked at your moments today? Find some thing to laugh at.....

Make someone laugh and you've helped them to smile.

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes.

Have you be a giver today?

(Bet you thought this post was about the roles of men and women didn't you....)

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