Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Prayer for a Friend...

One of the biggest joys that I've shared about here on Life in the Moments is walking through life with others - the seen and unseen as I call them.

Tonight my mind is on one such friend. A friend that most would assume is seen given how public their lives are. And yet, as surely as I am sitting here - I submit this friend is very much unseen in some ways.

And as I lift this friend up in prayer, I am reminded that God sees this friend. God knows this friend's pain. While we cannot begin to understand why this pain is necessary, we know and trust that on the other side of this storm, the sea will be calm yet again.

I ask for you to pray for this friend. This friend has been a tremendous blessing in my(our) life. This friend has been there for me and it is my privilege and countless blessing to be there for them.

To this friend.... My lack of response to you today was met with groanings on your behalf.

Sometimes words are not sufficient. Fortunately, God understands it all even when we do not.

And one thing this friend has helped teach me - sometimes listening is better than any thing we can say.

Open Ears Closed Mouth

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