Thursday, April 24, 2008

Praising Him in the Storm

Last night Granbury and the surrounding communities had major storms. Funnel clouds were spotted.... Our local body was gathered in a couple of areas of our physical church building.

I've written about Trouble before. As we stood in the foyer.. she said, "I'd rather be here with people I love than at home by myself. If I can't be with my kids, I'll take being with my other family."

As I went around to various areas checking on different individuals, I was deeply touched to see how they were interacting with each other. Young, old, and in-between like me.

I could not help but praise Him in the storm.

Is there damage? Yes. How much? Yet to be determined.

Where does my help come from? The Maker of the Heaven and the earth.

Stay tuned today for our Servant Evangelism tip from Micky!

Make today count!!! And as always, you were just prayed for no matter where you're at this moment.


Kevin Bussey said...

I've forgotten how bad the storms are in Texas. Glad you are safe.

Camey said...

Thanks Kevin!