Saturday, August 4, 2007

Courtney S. - God IS Great!!

Going to Kentucky was a lot of fun. it was new scenery new experiences and a totally different way of life for these people. I worked on a lady's house named Mrs. Bevins. she was a sweet heart she was so happy to see us, knowing we were there to help fix her house. she opened up her house and everything she had for all 20 of us working on her house. what i thought was really neat was how when we got there she asked where we were from and we told her texas. she was like is that where all the flooding has happened and we told her yes and she replied ive been praying for was amazing to see how God had her praying for us..and the same time we had been praying for her since we found out we were doing home just shows how big God is and how everything in his plan works together...we also did a vbs at the local YMCA. it was a lot of fun. there were a lot of kids...who loved us being time my group was outside the front door teaching the bible story..and one of the parents had just dropped their kid inside and came out and asked where we were from...we told her texas..and she was astonished we came all the way to kentucky to teach a vbs to these kids we didnt even know. but just seeing how greatful these kids were was incredible...i wouldnt have changed anything about the week..God IS Great!!

Courtney S.

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