Tuesday, July 31, 2007

While Riding in the Golf Cart.

Earlier this afternoon, Parker came into the living room where I was working. He wanted to go to the little store, as we call it, to buy some batteries for his grandma's hand fan. She uses it to help her keep cool when playing golf. She has talked in the last few weeks of getting really hot while playing. I couldn't go right then. Instead I gave him a job to do to keep him busy for a bit. He went outside and swept the driveway. Oh those pecans......

Hubby hadn't been home long when Parker and I decided to go on the golf cart to the little store. Hubby informed P that he had already bought the woman of the house her batteries for her fan while in town this morning. Parker had earned a little money for sweeping all those pecans. So, we decided to go anyway.

When my folks got the purple golf cart, we had to laugh. My brother is an alumni of a school whose colors are purple and white. Did I ever mention about the purple counter top in the laundry room? Too funny actually. So, instead of just Parker and his mommy going on the purple golf cart to the little store, his daddy went too.

As soon as we backed out of the garage, there it was again. That horrible skunk smell from a few weeks ago now. Funny how I've been in and out of the garage a good amount lately and hadn't honestly smelled it. But wait..... I was going from inside the house straight into the garage. Most of the time, the garage door being closed. It is amazing how badly it can still smell after all this time and given the fact that the skunk itself is now completely gone.

As we made the turn onto another street and yet still has the same name as ours, a diesel truck decided to pass us. Frankly, given the fact that it is a battery operated golf cart and, therefore, goes incredibly slow, I didn't blame him in the slightest. Again, there's another lovely smell in the air.

As we passed by more row and row of trees..... again other smells start tickling our noses. While driving past one of the driving ranges, the smell of freshly cut grass was almost overwhelming. I must confess that it is weird to see the range after it's been mowed..... talk about being able to see the grass even with a couple of balls. Most of the time, the grass is covered like a blanket of snow.

Our trip to the little store was productive since I had promised P that I would take him to buy a treat. He also got to spend some time with his mommy and daddy. Of course, we came away with more than just his goodies.... there is also a pecan pie for the new neighbors. If his favorite had been cherry or apple - I could have made one with my eyes closed. It is still a pie.

On the way back to the house, there were more smells to take in whether we really wanted to or not. This is what happens while riding in the golf cart. Just remember - I don't have a golfing bone in my body and neither really does Parker. But we do enjoy riding on the golf cart because we are spending time together and at times use it for visiting others as well.

I'm sitting here eating peanuts that I purchased at the little store. Again, there's another smell. It reminds of me of baseball.... and why the golf cart is purple. Some stories will remain in the dugout.

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