Monday, July 30, 2007

Conversations on Monday.

This Monday morning has found me already involved in numerous conversations. Some easy and some not. That is life in the moments....

My mom came home Sunday night. Long/short - they had changed their plans from coming back on Saturday to Sunday. She thought she had told us of those changes. She had not. This too is life. Parker and Travis sat around her bed listening to her talk about the trip. By the time I came into her bedroom, Parker was able to say to her, "Grandma? Tell Mom about....." They had a good trip. They are still a couple - just not married legally. They are more like companions in life. Or so that's what I've gathered thus far. She is taking him to the eye doctor this afternoon. So, she will be driving today. Okay.... When you pray for one to be freed up - you gotta remember to not complain about when it starts to happen. Oh, lessons in life daily. It had been awhile since the boys had sat around her bed and talked with their grandma. I am thankful for this morning's time with her even if it was not a comfortable conversation in every single detail... whether mentioned or not. Parker and Travis have to go thru my mom's bedroom to get to their room. It was originally mom and dad's study. We are thankful that our sons were used to sharing a room. Totally see Him all over that!

Another conversation took place with a sweet friend. Funny thing is..... the lines in our friendship are more connected than ever. It comes in part from loving our families and wanting what is truly best for them... even if it means at times taking unpopular stands. We had not talked via phone in a while. I felt refreshed after talking with her and she said the same thing in return. We were of encouragement to each other. That's how I believe real friends should be. Not just full of fluff and tickling ears.... but able to dig through the difficult stuff and try to offer a hand to hold or to bring up.

In a couple of hours, the five of us are heading out to the big city with our "running buddies".... There's five of us and five of them. While we have many things in common - at times it is our differences that make for some of the most fascinating conversations. There are things we will probably never agree upon.... Yet, that does not stop the depths of our friendships. We're going to see an exhibit at a science museum. I cannot wait to hear the conversations that will take place while walking amongst each piece displayed and through the hallways. Then afterwards we will all eat together. Again, cannot wait to hear the conversations that will transpire.

This has been a different sort of Monday and it's just 10:24 a.m. at this moment. And yes, other conversations have taken place... the best one has taken place on my knees.

Where are you found having the best conversations of your life? And how long has it been since you've truly been on your knees?

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