Friday, August 3, 2007

Austin - To Define in a Single Word

To define in a single word how this week was is simply an impossible task. You may study it, question it, and try to wrap our puny human minds around the very concept of the magnitude of the events that took place that week. Nothing will change

Someday you might come up with an answer.

It will be flawed.

There is no word. At least, not in proper English that can put all the words like ‘amazing’, ‘awesome’, ‘astounding’ in one word. And that was just the ‘a’ section of the list. There are still 25 more letters.

The reason we cannot come up with a word? Because the Lord worked so much in that week that He won’t let us come up with a proper term, nothing short of ‘the Lord was ever present and worked hard in everyone.’

This was my first mission trip with a church, and as much as I want this and hope this to be true, I hope every other mission trip is like this one. You drag yourself out of bed, and you’re tired. You eat breakfast, and you’re tired. You arrive at VBS, and you’re exhausted. The kids show up, and you’re dancing and singing and bouncing off the walls with energy you never knew you had. The kids thought we were kings. To see their smiles as we gave them a tunnel entrance was worth it. They got pumped and so did we. They enjoyed the music, the games, the crafts and the stories. Well, VBS ends, and after hanging around the kids for a few hours, you feel like you want to take a nap, and somewhat unwilling to get on the site and work. Well, when you get there, you feel like you can chop down a mountain with the energy that come from nowhere, well, God. Speaking from my site’s perspective, yes it was hot, and yes there were hundreds of stinging wasps and bees and yellow jackets, but we didn’t care. Just seeing the smile on Mrs.Bevin’s face every day was more than worth it. She would wait for us every day for us to come out and work on her house. At the end of the week, some of the workers and I made a new sign for her house, and she cried when we presented it to her. During the week we got to know her better, and while we had been praying for her, to hear from her that she had been praying for the Texan’s in the flooding areas for a while now brought to us a happiness that only the Lord could provide.

It would take me a while to explain all the marvels the Lord did that week. Sadly I have no time left, and I want the other students writing a testimony to give their views. My hope is by the time you’ve read all of them, you will get an idea about the week. And it will inspire you!

God bless,
Austin G.

PS- Mrs. Bevins made THE best biscuits and fried chicken you can EVER taste. If you wanna talk about heaven on earth, her cooking was a good example.

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