Monday, July 23, 2007

Hallways. Highways. Mind. Heart.

Hallways - You should have heard the buzz about VBS & Randal's sermon! These are just a few I heard while walking in the hallways:

1) "This was the best VBS we've ever been a part of. I can't wait to be a part of it next year."

2) "The children really learned a lot at this VBS. They really stayed engaged through every part of it."

3) "Did you hear about all the decisions that were made this week? I wish I would have a part of VBS."

4) "You could tell that the volunteers really love the kids. I watched a couple of them talking with the ones in their group. It was really touching."

5) "You could sense the presence of God all this week every time you stepped in the doors."

6) "God used Randal to really challenge me today."

7) "I wonder if Randal has been a fly on the wall of our home?"

8) "I know I shouldn't be putting all that junk in my head. It was like Randal was reading it. Man, that made me realize that God knows it's there."

9) "That was the best sermon that Randal has ever preached here. He wasn't claiming to be perfect. That helped me want to listen."

10) "God at work ahead. That sign is definitely true."

Highways - Yesterday morning my mom and Hoover set out on their vacation. This trip would require driving on many highways. This morning, a few parallels have struck me.

1) Trust. In order to go on a trip with someone - trust is needed. The level of trust may be higher by the time the trip is over or it may be lessened for whatever reasons. Checking the speedometer doesn't necessarily mean the one driving will slow down. Of course, it doesn't mean they will go faster either.

2) One highway can take you away from where you've been and yet it can bring you back again. This doesn't always mean you are the same person. Sometimes that can be for better or worse.

3) There are many twists and turns that can take place on highways. Long and winding roads so to speak....... Where does your highways in life take you? Closer to Him or away?

4) Sometimes you come across a highway that requires money in order to stay on that road. There are times when the toll is worth paying and others when it is best to get off that road and turn around.

5) There are many highways that bring individuals to our churches. What are their roads like when they leave?

Hallways and highways can reflect our very minds and hearts.

What would you be overheard saying in the hallways of your life?

Does your highway help bring God's love to others? Does it reflect the work He is continuing to do in your life?

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